Whether you're looking for a Comedy Magician, Corporate Magician or Birthday Party Magician, Marshall Magoon brings 20 years of experience and professionalism to your next event.

"...spectacular and marvelous entertaining magical feats performed by Marshall Magoon..."
William Arthur - Martin Scope

"A Major Performer of true Vegas class. Magician Marshall Magoon had several brilliant tricks and illusions all the more bewildering on a stage that allowed his work to be viewed without hinderance."
Bob Pennington - Toronto Sun

"Marshall Magoon exhibits a dazzling display of magical expertise"
John Charbonneau - CHWO Radio Toronto

"Marshall Magoon can only be described as unbelievable"
Lyle Slack - Toronto Spectator

"He handles a fine array of very entertaining tricks in the show with suave and polished execution"
Steve Baffery - CBS

"While all his magic tricks are entertaining he has three mind boggling, show stopping acts with the final being a trick in which he turns a young lady into a tiger."
Gene Robertson - The Sun Reporter

"Marshall Magoon shines in his tricks... his illusions are quite mystifyingly well handled."
Bernard Weiner - S.F.Chronicle

"The magic routines, carried through with aplomb by Magoon, are excellent. Many of the classic acts are here, from card tricks displaying basic sleight-of-hand to grand illusions that have women cut in half, or turned into tigers."
James Godfrey - Palo Alto Times